Project Management

Whether your organization works with Smart Move for one hour or many days, Smart Move will manage and facilitate all the logistics leading up to, during and post workshop including the following based on the client needs and requests.

Initial Consultation

Conversations with key leaders to deepen understanding of current context and hopes for the future.

Scoping the Environment

In-depth consultation and exploration of current environment and desired future through targeted conversations, interviews and/or focus groups (as appropriate).

Planning Sessions and Workshops

Design and facilitation of planning workshops and other strategic conversations for the organization, leadership team, peer group, cross-stakeholder group or other relevant groupings.

Leadership Coaching

Individual leadership coaching sessions for CEOs, senior and mid-management leaders focused on enabling positive change.
Follow up session(s) – Three to six months post workshop revisiting initial commitments along with forecasting ‘what is next’ on the agenda.

Past Client Sample List

PACE Independent Living

Wye Marsh

Pine River Institute

Shoppers Drug Mart

Ontario Lottery Corporation

City of Burlington

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Bluewater District School Board

Canadian Standards Association


Play in Bruce Grey

Today, I attended a very revealing and clarifying leadership seminar, lead by Catherine and Joanna, at the Falls Inn, which in in the gorgeous retreat setting of Walters Falls – SO worth the drive – about a half hour southwest of Collingwood.

“Cathy is a focused individual who is a pleasure to speak to and has a unique style that allowed me to open up to her and critically look at myself. Truly a rewarding experience”.
– Shoppers Drug Mart employee.

“Although I was open to exploring my life and identifying areas in need of improvement, I admit I wasn’t sure what to expect from ‘coaching’  …  for those who are in transition or who simply feel “stuck” and are motivated to make some conscious changes, coaching offers the opportunity to uncover a fuller, more satisfying life.”
– Janet Lees in On The Bay Magazine, Winter 2008
“Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to experience your Smart Move capabilities in action.  The two of you make a formidable team.  The experience was great and the Inn is a wonderful facility.  I definitely intend to work the facility into Critel offerings and would appreciate any opportunity to collaborate with Smart Move in the future. Thank you” – Gary Cerantola – Critel

“My coaching experience with Cathy has been motivating in a way that lets me see that it is alright to allow my self to go after those dreams I want in life.  Revealing the tools allows me to succeed. I can now trust myself to seek a career and not just a job.” –  B

“Fantastic coaching sessions from insightful leaders. Truly a gift”
– All About Kids Manager – February 2015

“My experience with Cathy as a leader is primarily around meetings.She is always prepared and inclusive in the sense of making sure that everyone with input has an opportunity to say their piece. She is enthusiastic, energetic and able to stay focused on the task at hand. I appreciate her ability to identify qualities in individuals and her sense of humour. What makes Cathy different is her excellent communication skills, and certainly her enthusiasm and upbeat attitude”
– M. – Town of the Blue Mountains Chamber of Commerce

“Catherine is a very focused, dynamic, caring person and blended with genuine passion for assisting people to achieve the life they want to live, makes her any extraordinary ally and guide. My personal experience with coaching over the past several months (during a very large transtition in my life) could be described as having found a ‘port in the storm’, where warmth and the opportunity to gain clarity were waiting for me. The challenge and the gift in this process was in being held accountable for the goals I set, which required commitment on my own behalf. This ‘work’ combined with Catherine’s intuitive ability to see clearly through the stories and excuses we tell ourselves has played an integral role in finding the home of my dreams. Thank you Catherine for an excellent journey”
– Susan Chuchill, RMT – Fall 2014
“Cathy was able to bring us all together, to focus as one entity and look toward our future as partners”.
– DS – Housing Coalition – 2014

“I am writing to let you know I am still doing good and I don’t know how much I can thank you for what you did for me. I would like to know if you would ever be coming to Anguilla anytime soon; I can invite you on my boat to show my appreciation”.
– H. – 2014

‘The final report was detailed and well presented. Catherine is an extremely knowledgeable individual in the area of accessibility issues and provided accurate; up to date information in a professional manner’
– Director – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

“Cathy approaches each project she undertakes with a clear vision of its’ objectives and purpose. She begins with a conceptualization of the endeavor and then maps out the stages required to complete the job. She maintains a high level of focus throughout each stage of the project. All her efforts are driven by the goal at hand and as a leader she ensures that those working with her also remain on track. She leads with passion. She leads by example. She possesses a very high dedication level, energy level and a positive and pro-active attitude. Her leadership style and efforts are motivated by the desire to have a positive impact on others”.
– Past employee

“The presenter – Catherine was excellent! She made the topic very interesting. I definitely came away with a better appreciation of the subject matter (customer service for persons with a disability) and why it is important in the workplace; as well as at home”.
Employee – City of Burlington