A small group of enthusiastic and interested persons joined Cathy and Joanna yesterday morning in Barrie. The conversation was rich and heart-felt. Participant’s learned more about the value of working with a leadership coach and had an opportunity to receive a hands on mini coaching session with the Smart Move Leadership coaches.

“It is always such a pleasure to meet and work with individuals who are eager to learn and who appreciate both the value and importance of working with a coach”, says Catherine Smart of Smart Move”. “We (the coaches) feel both privileged and are in awe of our clients. This work is so vitally important to how a person shows up in the world. I have personally witnessed hundreds of individuals go from a place of impossibility to a place of “Anything is possible”!

Smart Move is here to make a difference. If you or your organization is interested in organizing a one hour coaching leadership session, please do not hesitate to contact Catherine. We look forward to hearing from you!