Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre contracted Smart Move Inc. to work with the Board of Directors, staff, current and future stakeholders in November 2015 until early in the New Year 2016 with the intention of achieving the following outcomes.

1. A new vision/mission and brand (re-freshen)

2. Measurable guidelines established for the board

3. Final implementation plan supported by a detailed document

4. A sustainable business plan to achieve it’s objective and ultimately the vision/mission

5. Rigorous, sustainable, attainable fund raising plan in place

6. Confidence level/relationships/engagement increased with past, current and future stakeholders

The following process took place.

  • Advisory Team Meeting – Set hopes and goals for the process + map stakeholders and core team invitations – Complete November 2015
  • Core Team Meeting – Dec 8th, 2015 – Set inquiry topics and prepare for stakeholder interviews
  • Core Team conducts stakeholder interviews/focus groups (Jan – Feb/March, 2016)
  • Board and Staff to coordinate digital survey to go to some stakeholders (that are not being interviewed) as another form of input and engagement
  • Board and Staff to coordinate E blasts to support communication efforts throughout
  • Board and staff to conduct media plan of ‘good news’ to sustain momentum and signal change along the way
  • Envision the Marsh Summit (Feb or March, 2016) – Celebrate Strengths and Imagine the Future
  • Core Team Meeting (Feb or March 2016) – Debrief, Implementation and Stakeholder Engagement Planning
  • Board Meeting (March 2016) – Celebrate and Implementation Planning
  • 6 month check-in (Oct, 2016) – Celebrate progress, check landscape and adapt plan


  • Program development and preparation including development of stakeholder interview questions, meetings logistics, follow up conversations with Advisory Team; follow up and report writing.
  • Facilitation of interactive, rigorous and productive Core Team meeting; Planning Summit and follow up meeting.
  • Provide various tools, which will assist the team to move forward as an effective team over the next six plus months.
  • Provide a comprehensive follow-up report
  • Follow-up with lead contact 6 months after the process is complete to discuss impact and next steps.