Treetop Trekking in partnership with Tourism Ontario, wad invited to design, build and facilitate the first accessible zip line in Ontario. The installation will occurred at Harbourfront in Toronto and operated during the PamAm and Para PanAm Games. (July 10th – August 15th, 2015).

Smart Move provided expertise in the following areas:

  1. Reviewed the zip line design and equipment including the appropriate harness.
  2. Developed criteria of participation for Treetop Trekking’s use when promoting the activity.
  3. Designed and delivered a customer service training (re: How to best serve customer’s living with a disability) to all Treetop Trekking facilitator’s who will be working at the Harbourfront site.
  4. Reviewed and provided input regarding the waiver.
  5. Worked through onsite logistics including testing the zip line once installed.
  6. Problem solved as needed and requested as the project rolled out and up until completion.
  7. Assisted with promotion/advertising including appropriate use of words/terminology.
  8. Assisted with identifying and inviting specific groups living with a disability to experience the zip line at specific times during the 40-day period. (i.e. clients from Ontario March of Dimes)
  9. On site for few days of operation.
  10. Provided input re: onsite signage re: content and AODA compliance.
  11. Adhered to AODA standards throughout the project.


The initiative was successful accommodating at least eighty customers living with a disability throughout the games.