Happy New Year from Smart Move! Take this time to reflect, acknowledge your successes and dream BIG about what is important for you in 2016. The possibilities are endless including letting go to make space for new possibilities (i.e. de-cluttering your office); stretching into new levels of physical well-being (i.e. taking in a 30 minute walk every day at lunch); strengthening your most important relationships (i.e. connecting with people in your life that you have not seen in a while) or following through on strong commitments to yourself (i.e. posting firm, tangible intentions on your fridge door as a gentle reminder that YOU count everyday!)

Our Smart Move team is excited and ready to work with you! Please see our upcoming workshop dates listed below. We are currently developing a new website which will be launched in March; so stay tuned!

The Smart Move team hopes and dreams for 2016 include working extraordinary clients (like you!) and inviting those clients to stretch, explore and ignite that inner desire to get to the next chapter – what ever that looks like. One of my personal goals is to paint LOTS and show my work.

Have a GREAT year. We will be in touch soon!  Cathy & the Smart Move team