Conversations for Setting Intentions – Planning for 2015

With today’s temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius I notice my body literally turning inward to say warm.  Fingers clenched into mittens, shoulders hunched over and head down to block out the intensely cold wind.


As I came into the warmth of our woodstove-heated home I noticed myself beginning to ‘stretch out’.  Arms reaching up and back to feel the sensation of expansion, hands and feet flapping and stretching to reinvigorate them with blood flow and face pushed towards the heat of the stove.


As I reflected on this ‘curling in’ from the cold and ‘stretching out’ into the warmth, I wondered how I ‘curl in’ from possible futures I want to create, and also ways in which I ‘stretch out’ into possibility and discovery in new domains.


As we move into 2015 it may well serve us to pause and consider the intentions we want to ‘stretch’ into, and what kinds of ‘warmth’ help us into this stretching.  Here are some questions for you to consider, the can be used as solo or team/group reflection points, as you set your intentions for 2015:

  • What are you most drawn to stretch into in 2015?
  • How might you articulate these ‘stretches’ as intention statements?
  • What impact do you see these intentions having on you, others, your work, your community and/or other things that matter to you?
  • What new actions, practices or ways of being do you want to ‘warm up to’ this year?
  • What supports can you lean into to give you the best chance for progress and/or success in these domains?
  • What requests could you make to actively pursue these supports?
  • What expanded skills, knowledge and/or attitudes would set you up for greater success in your intentions?
  • When you notice yourself retracting or ‘curling in’ from your progress, who could you reach out to for support?
  • What do you want to be saying about 2015, when you raise a glass (or whatever you do to celebrate) in Dec, 2015?
  • What commitments do you want to make to advance your intentions next?  Who could you share these commitments with to increase your chances for forward momentum?

We suggest you make a plan for checking in on how you’re doing with your commitments.  This could be an agreement with a loved one or colleague, and/or reminders in your calendar to check in on progress made, revisions to your intentions going forward and/or requests for additional support.


If you want any additional support to clarify your intentions for 2015 feel free to contact us at Smart Move for a free leadership coaching session! Joanna Mackie